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How long does perfume last?

There are a range of factors than can affect how long a perfume can last, such as the concentration of the fragrance, how it is stored, and the ingredients used. We've put together some general guidelines for how long a perfume lasts on your skin, and on your shelf.

How long does perfume last on your skin?

Type Lifespan on skin
Parfum Parfum is the most expensive because it has a high concentration of oils (usually 20% - 40%). Because of this, it is the longest lasting. Generally lasting around 6 - 8 hours on your skin.
Eau De Parfum (EDP) Also known as EDP, Eau De Parfum has the next highest concentration of oils (15% - 20%), resulting in a lifespan on the skin of about 4 - 5 hours (as a general rule of thumb). It is a good choice for an evening or night out.
Eau De Toilette (EDT) Lasting around 2 - 3 hours on average, Eau De Toilette has an oil concentration of around 5% - 15%, which is why it is typically more affordable than ones mentioned above. It is commonly used throughout the day, and lasts around 3 - 4 hours.
Eau de Cologne With an oil concentration of around 2% - 5%, it usually lasts around 2 hours.

How long does Perfume last on the shelf?

Perfumes are best stored away from heat, light and humidity. Exposure to those elements can break down the perfumes components and alter its fragrance. Providing them with these optimal conditions will ensure they can last as long as possible. We always recommend keeping your fragrances in a cool, dark dry place like a drawer or cabinet. This will preseve their quality over a longer period of time.

Type Shelf life
Parfum With its high concentration of oils, it will last several years in the bottle.
Eau De Parfum (EDP) EDP should typically last around 3 - 5 years in a bottle. Keeping it in a cool, dry dark place will ensure it preserves its beautiful fragrance.
Eau De Toilette (EDT) Eau De Toilette generally has a shelf life of around 2 - 3 years.
Eau de Cologne For best results, it is recommended that Eau De Cologne is used within 2 years.

These guidelines are simply just a general rule of thumb. There are many factors like strength, ingredients and storage conditions and these can alter the time that a fragrance can last.