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who is elijah Perfume

Who is Elijah redefines modern fragrance with its minimalist, unisex scents that challenge traditional gender norms. It’s like stepping into a new era of perfume where simplicity meets sophistication.

What is the history of Who is Elijah?

Who is Elijah is an Australian perfume brand launched in 2018 by a Sydney based husband a wife duo Adam and Raquel Bouris. The brand has made a name for itself globally for it's cruelty free and gender neutral range of fragrances that use eco-conscious ingredients that are locally sourced. With around half a million bottles produced annually (1), the brand has come a very long way from it's humble beginnings operating out of their home garage in Cronulla. It is wonderful to see an Australian Fragrance brand making waves globally. Who is Elijah is a favourite here at Parfumerie.