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Prada Perfume

Prada is the epitome of complexity and contradiction in their perfumes, blending unexpected notes that surprise and delight. It's a modern interpretation of timeless sophistication, crafted for the discerning.

Prada was founded back in 1913 in Milan, Italy. It began as a leather goods shop by Mario Prada. Later in 1978, his granddaughter Muiccia Prada took over and transformed it into the global fashion powerhouse that it is today. Known for high end luxury and timeless elegance, they then got into the world of fragrances about 20 years ago in 2004, launching their first scent called 'Prada Amber'.

Since then, they have had a range of iconic fragrances including Prada Candy (that has a sweet and addictive scent profile) and Luna Rossa which is a fresh and invigorating scent that is inspired by the world of sailing. Prada collaborates with renowned perfumers like Daniela Andrier, whose is known for his meticulous attention to detail, innovative techniques and craftsmanship.

The brand has become a popular name in the world of perfumery and have also been featured in films, TV shows, and music videos and endorsed by numerous celebrities. For instance, the Prada Infusion d'Iris was prominently featured in the 2009 film “Sex and the City 2”. That particular line has also been a favourite amoung critics and enthusiasts.