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Gucci Perfume

Gucci’s fragrances are as eclectic and bold as their fashion. Each bottle holds a universe of contrasts, blending heritage with audacious innovation. A perfect fit for those who defy expectations.

The designer brand that needs no introduction, Gucci, was founded back in Florence Italy in 1921. Starting out life as a luxury leather goods company (leather luggage) inspired by the founders experiences working in high end hotels in Paris and London. Over the decades to follow, Gucci expanded into clothing and footwear, and of course perfumes, launching their first scent in 1974 called 'Gucci No 1 for Women'. Over the years, Gucci has launched several iconic scents, like Gucci Bloom, Guilty and Flora. The luxury brand is also known for using rare and unique ingredients in their fragrances and combines traditional techniques with innovative methods.

Gucci Perfumes have been endorsed by numerous celebrities and featured in various films, tv shows and music videos. In addition to their range of fragrances, Gucci also offers beautiful body lotions, shower gels and scented candles, giving customers the ability to fully immerse themselves in Gucci's world.